Industry Innovation Center


Innovative Team


AIPU FOOD firmly believes innovation is the driving force of a company’s development. So far we have always been focused on the investment of industrial innovation, establishment of innovative team, improvement of existing products and technology, as well as development of new products and new applications. We have gained excellent grade in core intellectual property, scientific achievement conversion, R&D organization management, capacity & sales promotion, etc. We have been awarded High Technology Enterprise for years since 2000.

Nowadays, the number of scientific and technical staff accounts for 38% of the total number of employees. Half of the core R&D members are senior technical experts and engineers with more than 10 years of R&D experience and a number of excellent young scientists and technicians with abundant practice experience are recruited into this team. 57% people of innovative team are PhDs and Masters with the majors of Food Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Material and Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Bioengineering and Pharmacology, etc. Diverse components reinforce the foundation of the team and manifest its technical strength. Nowadays, we have established an Industry Innovation Center combining the functions of product development, application development, basic technology development, technique development and improvement, analytical test, law and regulation register, etc. Meanwhile, we actively make university-industry cooperation with the top food colleges in Chinese universities, such as Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology and China Agricultural University.





Innovative Solutions


1. Technological innovation of caramel color
AIPU FOOD has developed and reserved more than 100 types of liquid caramel color and nearly 40 types of powdered caramel color, including caramel color specially used for beverage, tea powder, grilled eel sauce and other Japanese-style sauce, caramel color with low level of free ammonia, plain caramel color with high coloring strength, acidproof plain caramel color, etc., in order to satisfy clients’ personalized demands on caramel color.
We are devoted to increasing caramel color’s safety and decreasing potential contaminant residue, and our technology is world leading. In terms of 4-methylimidazole (4-MeI) content control, we are the first to develop new product types with low 4-MeI content, wherein the 4-MeI content of sulfite-ammonia caramel color can be lowered less than 10 ppm and that of ammonia caramel color can be lowered less than 50 ppm. Moreover, we have successfully developed a detection method of 2-acetyl-4-(1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxybutyl)imidazole (THI) and become one of the very few companies in the world that can detect and control the THI content in caramel color.


2. Technological innovation of hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) and soy sauce powder
We have elaborately designed Millard Reaction and spray drying technology, and developed flavored HVP of beef flavor, poultry flavor and vegetable flavor. Compared to normal HVP, flavored HVP can reinforce the flavor of specific food and enrich the food taste.
We strictly control HVP’s key contaminant 3-chloro-1,2-propanediol (3-MCPD). According to the varied quantity limit rules of 3-MCPD in different countries and the requirements of flavor and cost, we have developed HVP with a 3-MCPD content of 50 ppb which is suitable in Europe, Australia and Singapore markets, and that of 1 ppm which is widely accepted in global markets.
We have especially researched the flavor embedding technology of soy sauce powder in order to avoid volatilization of micromolecular soy sauce flavor matters during the spray drying process and ensure that soy sauce powder can retain the characteristic flavor of soy sauce.


3. Innovative application service
Our food application technology team designs personalized application solutions depending on the requirements of different food industry fields. We provide flavor development service for Chinese leading companies in instant noodle and seasoning blends, combining our various products including caramel color, HVP, soy sauce powder, disodium succinate, ethyl maltol and personalized special seasonings, offering the clients terminal food ingredients.
We have developed a series of technical solutions to effective prevention of products during the transportation and storage process. We provide clients with flexible package strategies according to product application demands and habits in different targeted markets.


4. Innovative detection technology
We are devoted into development of food contaminant detection technology. According to client demand and consumption trend after times of domestic food safety accidents, we have promptly and timely established a series of contaminant detection methods, including specialization of detecting 3-MCPD, 4-MeI, melamine, plasticizer and rhodamine. Our Analytical Testing Center also actively cooperates with the laboratorial capacity verification organized by national authoritative department.






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